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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

In a nutshell, YagiPay is an online based Networking system designed to earn its members a daily/monthly income. The platform is based on a ‘People-Helping-People’ ideology. This means that by been a member of Yagipay, you have directly or indirectly generated an income for your UPLINER and as a result, it’s now time for other members (your DOWNLINERS) to generate income for you.

The basic principal here is ::
  • Join the YagiPay system
  • Invest a token for activation of one or more YagiPay business plans
  • Invite other people into the system with your referral code/link.
  • For each of your invitees who activates a business plan, you get paid a 20%, 40%, 50%, 70%, or 100% commission, based on the plan being activated.
You also get paid extra commissions for your invitee’s referrals.
In the YagiPay system, an Upliner (or Upline) refers to a member who invited another member into the system, while a Downliner (or Downline) is a member being invited by another member.

For example :: If ‘Peter’ invited ‘John’ into the system, and ‘John’ invited ‘James’ into the system, and ‘James’ invited ‘Paul’ into the system … Then
  • Peter is a ‘Level 1’ Upline to John, while John is a ‘Level 1’ Downline to Peter
  • Peter is also a ‘Level 2’ Upline to James, while John is a ‘Level 1’ Upline to James
  • James is a ‘Level 2’ Downline to Peter, while James is a ‘Level 1’ Downline to John
  • Likewise, Paul is a ‘Level 3’ Downline to Peter, John is a ‘Level 2’ Upline to Paul, Paul is a ‘Level 1’ Downline to James
I hope you understand the illustration.
Everybody !! .. The YagiPay networking system is open for everybody.

No age barrier, No special knowledge needed, No distance restriction, .. Anybody who is self-motivated, who is determined to make a difference in his/her financial status, who has a good confidence in himself/herself .. can surely do this business.
Since this is an online based system, members will require:
  • An internet enabled device (Phone or Computer).
  • An active phone number :: Required during registration and for contacting you.
  • A token fee for activating at least one business plan.
  • A bank or VoguePay account for receiving your payment.
In addition, members are recommended to have an active social media account (such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM, etc) with a good number of friends/followers .. This helps in the promotion of your referral link and for gaining more Downlines.

.. Click Here for helpful tools and tips that you can use to promote your referral link.

No Limit !! .. You are permitted to have as many downlines as possible.

There is no limit to the number of both your Direct (Level 1) downlines and your Indirect downlines.

Direct downlines refers to your level 1 downlines, while your Indirect downlines refers to the downlines of your direct downline (that is your Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, etc Downlines).
The major difference lies in the commission rate and the earning principals of the individual plans. Each plan has been designed to generate income for the members, but these are achieved via different principals.

Visit the YagiBlog for detailed information about each of the plans.

No !! ,.. After a successful registration, your invitation id, referral link, and other promotional tools will be instantly generated for you. You can start referring people into the system immediately.

However, we encourage you to activate your business plans before your downlines do so … You will be at a disadvantage if you don’t.

In a scenario where your downline activates any particular business plan before you, you will lose the necessary commissions that you should be paid with regards to the activation.
No !!,.. You are not mandated to activate ALL the business plans, but we recommend that you do so because of the following reasons:
In order to activate any business plan, visit the Plan Activation Page then provide the needed information which are:
  • The username of the person you wish to activate his/her business plan

    (Enter your Username if you wish to activate the plans for yourself).

  • Select the plan(s) that you wish to activate.
  • Click on the “ACTIVATE PLANS” button.

    This leads to a page where you will be required to click on the ‘CANCEL’ or ‘CONFIRM OPERATION’ button in order to cancel or complete the plan activation respectively.

Please Note: You must have a sufficient balance (needed to activate all the selected business plans) in your YagiWallet in order to successfully complete the operation.
Instantly !! .. After a successful ‘Business Plan Activation’ operation, all selected plans will be activated instantly.
You can ascertain that your business plan(s) has being activated via the following:
  • Immediately after a successful ‘Business Plan Activation’ operation, a notification text (containing all the activated plans) will be displayed on the Activation page.
  • You can also click on the individual plan’s tab to confirm if you can access the plan’s dashboard. If you can, then the plan has been activated.
  • You can visit the ‘User Profile Page’ to view the status of all the business plans in your account.

In order to add funds into your Yagiwallet, follow the following steps:
  • Visit the ‘Account Funding Page’.
  • Enter the amount you wish to add to your YagiWallet.
  • Select a preferable payment method from the options listed on the page.
  • Click on the ‘Proceed with Payment’ button.
On the next page, you will be instructed on how to complete your operation (based on the chosen Payment Method) .. Also click on the ‘Confirm Operation’ button in order to complete your funding operation.

Please Note: When making payments via the ‘Bank Deposit’ payment option, write your Transaction code as the “Depositor’s name” on the bank deposit tellers.

All bank deposit/transfer transactions should be processed within 2 hours after confirmation of payment, however if your YagiWallet is not credited after 3 hours from the time you made your bank deposit/transfer, simply Contact Us with the following information ::
  • Your Username.
  • The Transaction Code/Depositor’s Name.
  • Amount Paid.
  • The Business Plans being paid for
  • Date of Payment
Members of the YagiPay platform receive payments via bank (Nigerians Only) or via VoguePay (both Nigerians and Non-Nigerians).

Members are expected to provide their VoguePay and/or bank account information on their ‘User Profile Page’ and to ensure that the information provided are correct as at the moment of requesting for withdrawal.

₦1,000 … All withdrawal requests that are below ₦1,000 (One thousand Naira) will NOT be granted.

Please Note: A bank commission charge of ₦150 will be deducted.

In order to comply with the rules of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), each user is permitted to withdraw a maximum of ₦500,000 (Five hundred thousand Naira) in a day.

If there is a mandatory need to withdraw more that ₦500,000 then that will attract extra charges.

.. Contact Us for more information on this..
Officially, all withdrawal requests are being processed on the Friday of each week. However, in order to minimize task, we might process withdrawal requests before the Friday of a week.

Therefore, we urge members to allow until after the Friday of each week before lodging a complaint with respect to withdrawals.

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